Joshua Mugg HeadshotI work in philosophy of psychology, mind, and religion. My research centers on the architecture of human rationality, the nature of belief, and the implications of these two areas for philosophy of religion. My dissertation was a criticism of dual-process theories of reasoning on both empirical and conceptual grounds. I argue that there is just one reasoning system that operates in several different modes. I am currently applying my work from philosophy of psychology to the nature and ethics of belief, implicit bias, and faith.

I earned my PhD from York University in 2015. I was a a faculty member at Indiana University Kokomo from 2015-2018, where I taught 10-11 courses a year, managed the philosophy course schedule, hired and mentored adjuncts, ran the Philosophy Minor, and created a Philosophy Major. I am now an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Park University. I am also the Program Coordinator for Philosophy & Religion, and the Program Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies.

You can follow me on academica.edu.

Email: joshuamugg@gmail.com